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Game Value Now beta release

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Hi All, 

I noticed today that the general collectors forum has exceed 10k posts - awesome achievement. 

This got me thinking of the old and now defunct NA site, so I went over to check it out. ust the usual stuff, the infrequent post followed a recommendation to join vgs. 

So, I decided to check out their blog to see if they're actually made any announcements and came across a message for the Game Value Now beta release. 



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Hey guys, 

Wanted to just drop by and give some updates now that the Beta was announced. I wasn't told when the full site will be publicly launching or anything, but these are the changes i have been speaking about for weeks now that are from what i understand right around the corner. 

There are some changes happening but hopefully they are changes that the community will like. There will be some minor UI changes, but overall everything is going to look and function the same on the frontend as it did before. Our biggest concern right now is getting the algorithm's sorted out and the accuracy of the data fine tuned and cleaned up after the crossover. 

One quick addition i can fill you in on is that Switch games will be added and tracked again, it will take some time getting caught up though. But this is on the agenda. As well as a couple of other things once the priority issues are handled. 

We are in the home stretch now. I know it's been a roller coaster the past 6 months or so, but the hope is that the end result will make GVN better than it was before. 

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Edited second second sentence to be more clear about the full site.
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I pleaded with the previous owner to give me an API which would allow me to pull prices on a monthly basis, even if I had to pay a subscription for it. They refused.

Please set this up so I can have this access, I have a custom Android application I wrote and I would like to be able to pull prices into it. Thanks.

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