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  1. Thanks for sharing. During this corona virus period, some people stocked up on hand sanitizer, others toilet paper, but you made the wise choice and stock piled samurai nes - smart choice!
  2. This Lego nes console is awesome. However, I would never buy it because if I wanted to display a nes console I would display the real thing, not a Lego model. Especially when display space is limited.
  3. I bought the Japanese version while in Japan last year. It has English subtitles. Can't recall if the voice is changeable to English. I haven't had a chance to play it properly yet. Could be an alternative to the Asia version.
  4. Thanks for sharing everything so far. I have a soft spot for hand drawn art, 70s/80s style. I also can't across this in my search. Never heard of this game before, but cool cover.
  5. Hi all, What are some of your favourite racing/car video game box art, poster, promotional merchandise or anything of the like? My research so far: 1. The getaway pinball game backglass (translite) 2. Super hq 2 Sega genesis box art cover (Japan) 3. Daytona usa Sega saturn (usa) 4. NES rad racer box art (nostalgia) I need some cool pieces for my upcoming garage project. Thanks
  6. I'm in the minority here, but xenoblade chronicles on switch is so highly rated. I played through the whole game and found it quite boring in terms of game play, especially the combat system. The graphics and music are great though and the game has a charm and it, but this won't compensate for average game play. Not sure if most are bewildered by the graphical animation of the female characters, given their generous.... assets?
  7. When this was discussed on NA a long time back, someone had posted the link to a famous comic book collection and the story behind. I can't recall its name. Can someone please post it in this thread. Thanks.
  8. Hi all, I recently purchased NES tennis and Excitebike in decent condition, without cartridges. I want to find cartridges with the correct variants to match. Note: these are PAL A. Refer links below for images: NES Tennis https://imgur.com/gallery/J6XQ5Q7 NES Excitebike https://imgur.com/gallery/4YVjadi Thanks
  9. I think a database is a great idea. However, we should concentrate on one console only at a time. Get it well established, before moving onto the next. Makes the task less daunting for everyone.
  10. Hi All, I noticed today that the general collectors forum has exceed 10k posts - awesome achievement. This got me thinking of the old and now defunct NA site, so I went over to check it out. ust the usual stuff, the infrequent post followed a recommendation to join vgs. So, I decided to check out their blog to see if they're actually made any announcements and came across a message for the Game Value Now beta release. https://blog.gocollect.com/gamevaluenow-beta-release/ Thoughts?
  11. Ever since covid lockdown, Ive been selling stuff on ebay that's been sitting there for a while now. Working from home, Ive been saving a lot of money. For those that still have a job, this means a lot more disposable income to spend. While some will be holding it as saving, eventually, people splash out a little. Given the above, I think it will be a slight short term increase of video game prices.
  12. Death squared on switch is very rare, Australian and USA copy. They want for AUS$500 initially. There's a couple of copiess sitting at AUS$400, but there's been a random one sitting at AUS$200 for a while, but no one has bought it.
  13. Hi All, Was browsing on ebay and can't across one of these (no affiliation to eBay listing) : https://www.ebay.com/itm/233487883641 Anyone seen one of these before and know the history? Thanks
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