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Finally found the Star Wars Rebel Strike variant!


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For years, I’ve wondered if this even exists. To my knowledge, there haven’t even been photos of this until now. I only ever saw a picture of the sticker, cut from the seal. This is the Star Wars: Rebel Strike - Rogue Squadron III Demo Disc Included variant. Usually, this demo disc featuring Atari games was packaged separately, but we finally have absolute confirmation that some copies included it. This is sealed, but the seal is in rough shape. Still an awesome find, highly sought after in the GameCube community. 


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6 minutes ago, N64Life1001 said:

There was also a separate disc that was only the demo. It was NFR.


Wow, I never knew about this. Does that make Atari Star Wars the rarest Gamecube game? Because if so, that's amazing.

Scratch that. I see it's easily obtainable. Still very cool for the variant collector!

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