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The Cooking & Recipe Thread


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Hey everyone!

Since we have a lot of folks here that enjoy cooking, I thought I'd start up a thread about cooking and recipes. I'd like to use this as a focal point for the specific idea of sharing dishes and how to make them (i.e. sharing recipes) so that others can try making it or even making their own version. I envision this as a place we can share thoughts on making any meal or dessert! Feel free to share things you're planning to try and how they turned out! 

Related topic: @fcgamer has a thread entitled "What's for dinner, what did you cook?", so if you'd like to talk less about cooking and more about dinner or eating in particular, head on over!

Here's what I think would be really great for this:

1) Post a dish you want to make
2) Include a recipe for making it
3) Post photos and results, including photos and recipe changes
4) Bon appetit! 

I look forward to trying out some new dishes!

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Now you are talking.  I have a recipe book made by my sister of some of my childhood favorites that my mother made.  I have made quite a few things from it and will share some if you all are so inclined.  Two of my favorites are a lemon glazed cake and what we called cowboy cornbread!  2 very good dishes that I will look up the recipes for and post.  Look forward to seeing what all you guys can bring to the table.  Yes, yes pun intended 🤣

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Here's an example of what I'm thinking:

Dish: Kitchen Sink Soup
Description: A soup made mostly of leftovers. This is something super simple I often make to clean up leftover items so that they don't go to waste. It's great for a small meal. Also I friggin' love soup!
Place 10oz of chicken stock in a pot. Bring to a boil. (chicken broth can be used instead of chicken stock for less salt)
     - Add 1 package ramen noodles (no packet). 
     - Add leftover cooked vegetables 
     - [Optional] Add leftover protein (chicken, tofu, chorizo)
     - Add 2 tbsp soy sauce
     - Let boil for 3 minutes
     - Add ground pepper, freeze dried chives, salt to taste
     - Enjoy!
[ photos ] - *BURP*... Oops! I already ate it... 😄 


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An amazing lemon glazed cake 🙂 

So, instead of lemon juice, my wife and I squeeze 2 lemons and believe you me, this turns out AMAZING!!!!!!!!!  I hope someone makes it and enjoys it as much as I do!

🙂 Enjoy!

And just so you all are aware, it is a super moist cake!  We usually buy the duncan heinz cake mix, but I am sure that whatever you buy will be good.  I love how my sister copied the exact wording from my mother's recipe 🙂.


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Chinese fast food style Pork and vegetable lo mein.


1 14-16 oz package noodles(I use klusky noodles. Not authentic by any stretch, but really nice texture.

2 oz sesame oil


10 oz teriyaki marinade/sauce

2 teaspoon cornstarch


1 sweet onion sliced thin

1 16 oz package matchstick carrots

1 red bell pepper sliced thin

1 package coleslaw mix(no dressing)

2 tablespoon ginger paste/minced ginger

1/4 cup minced garlic

2 pounds pork or chicken breast/thigh, diced small


Cook the noodles according to instructions on package except reduce cooking time by one minute. Drain and toss in sesame oil. Set aside.

In a large pot or wok, heat up sesame oil any stir fry the pork or chicken. When 1/3rd done cooking add ginger and garlic. Cook one minute and add peppers and onion constantly stirring/stirfrying. Cook one minute, and then add matchstick carrots. Cook one more minute and add coleslaw mix and teriyaki/cornstarch mixture. Stir and bring mixture to boil allowing it to thicken. Add extra starch/teriyaki to desired thickness. Simmer one minute and then combine with noodles and mix well. Then eat! Makes a ton of food you can eat for days!



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