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Super Mario 64 Taiwanese and Korean Versions

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I am looking for these to kinds to finish my collection. I didn't these were a thing. Any help locating one would be appreciated!

I have the english looking Taiwanese one but I would like to get the Jap looking one. And the Korean one I think there is just one. If anyone has info on these please let me know. Im just looking for the cart, I don't need the box or manual. 




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10 hours ago, fcgamer said:

@josh116pep I can probably source you one in the relatively near future.

Actually, I think I've got an extra one, but it's boxed.

@fcgamer I would be more than happy to buy a boxed one! I would really appreciate it. Could I see a picture of the box and contents? Just let me know if you have an extra that you would be willing to sell and how much. 😀

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Very nice fortunately I acquired them all. I was going for just the cart but if I come across a cib I would upgrade haha. 
the Korean one was the hardest to find in my opinion. I was lucky with finding it and a lot of others. I did over pay for some but got deals on others. 
best of luck! Hope I can help if you have questions. I’ll post the ones I got sometime🙂

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