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Best method to re-attach Gameboy screen?

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Depends if you ever think you'll want it back off again.  Gluestick if you might, a very sparing small amount (like spot sizes) of loctite super glue GEL would be quite permanent.  Either way I'd use like alcohol and a finger nail or whatever to pick off any old to get it nice and smooth first.

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Are you talking about the LCD or the plastic bezel that sits in the front housing over the screen?  The LCD would have to be soldered into place if it's completely off and kind of locks into place via a plastic frame that it sits on/through, so there's not really anything needed to keep it in place once everything's assembled.  As for the plastic bezel/lens that sits over it, I used superglue to put my original one back on since it fell off due to the original adhesive aging out and I didn't plan on ever removing it again without straight up replacing it, but you could get by with some very thin 3M adhesive such as the stuff they use on cell phones to stick on/down similar bezels/lenses, screens, etc.  If you've ever replaced an iPhone screen, you most likely have some of that stuff around, even if you used the pre-cut stuff, the same stuff is underneath all the paper that the punched stuff came out of and will work just the same.  I've got quite a stockpile of it where I worked for a cell phone refurbisher for a few years and hung onto all the stuff that wasn't cut to fit (and would normally be thrown out).


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