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Bounty: My Final N64 and GC Games for 100% Completion


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Updated to add Cruis’n Exotica. 8-4-20

Hey! So this is my first post here. I was encouraged to go to this site by a buddy. I used to frequent the Nintendo Age forums, and this seems like the best new alternative. I'm extremely close to a complete GameCube and N64 collection including variants. But there's a few titles that still escape me. I'm well aware of the worth of them, and won't lowball anyone if they genuinely have these items. I've provided pictures of all the items attached. I'm interesting in buying the following:


Shrek Extra Large with Free Watch - The watch was also available as an insert with Shrek Super Party on PS2 and Xbox. $5,000


Chopper Attack with Dog Tags - $2,000

Rampage with Ralph Keychain - $4,000

Cruis’n Exotica with N64 logo on spine - $200

You can follow me on Instagram to see my rare variants and collections for Switch, GC, and N64. 












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