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  1. There's not an incentive for WATA to go faster. There's incredible demand for a service predicated on a finite supply of sealed retro games. This is not cards where there's a booming demand for current day players on cards being made today. Is there anyone after a 9.6 A++ Mario Odyssey? Turbo is probably going to get paused. If it gets too silly, Speed Run will be $250 a game for 30 days and Warpzone will be $500+ for 15 days.
  2. How long should something stay in “awaiting” status? I paid for tracking and signature confirmation, so I know WATA has the package.
  3. The Microsoft Halo Machine. Had one as a kid. Loved it, but only for Halo. And ESPN football 2K5... Other than that, the XBOX (if I still had one) would be hanging out with my backwards compatible PS3 as very very very heavy paperweights.
  4. Spend, Reserve, and Growth all have individual account numbers. Reserve and Growth will offer a small amount of interest. I set my monthly bills that are set amounts to come out of the Reserve. Growth is just a savings account. The spend account is for your deposits and transfers to the other two accounts.
  5. The Nintendo 64 is unique and amazing. The lack of RPGs and shooters has to be accounted, but I don't like those genre of games anyways. The 64 is my favorite system for now, but GB/C/A/SP and Switch are gaining.
  6. I will definitely have to look into it! It would be awesome to discover new items there too.
  7. That's really cool that each went to a different home, and there's a story behind it. I'm probably missing out by not being on Facebook looking for them. Edit: Forgot to say, I will post any Big ol' links here. That size is where I draw the line for space reasons!
  8. Thanks for the input so far everyone. The top cart has more of a green to the seal of quality and it is definitely more worn in person. As long as the boards are legit, I will be happy. The labels won't bother me as much since they wouldn't be obvious fakes. I think of how badly Ocarina of Time labels hold up over time, and I hope this is a similar situation.
  9. I think 296 is generally accepted as the number of US N64 games. The NFR, Player's Choice, and color variants do not need be included. Of note, there's an F1 game with NTSC labeling that was never released in North America. And ISS2000 has both a Spanish and English release.
  10. I was looking at my 2 copies of Leaf Green, and I noticed one label is more vibrant than the either. Both have some gloss and imprinted numbers, but the boards are different too! Imgur link for 10 pictures below. https://imgur.com/a/UgKQ0ny Is either of these authentic? I'm not 100% sure, and I would appreciate the help.
  11. No. The gameplay has to age by a lot. Just played Gears of War 2 yesterday. It feels in 2021 just as it did in 2008. I'm not sure if PS3/Wii/360 will ever be retro. GC/PS2/Xbox might get there someday, but aren't quite there yet.
  12. I'm skipping the next set. I can't even find base Sword and Shield, much less any Hidden Fates. It's more so about the hunt, but there is no hunt to be had. And the number of cards in each set irks me. I'm not trying to get every single card, either.
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