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Homebrew Leader Board Competition 2020-Game 3: Jammin Honey


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Homebrew Team · Posted

Homebrew Leader Board Competition 2020 - Game 3: Jammin Honey

Difficulty Seating: Hard

Play Period: Friday, March 6, 2020 - Sunday, March 22, 2020

Download the rom here.

Up next is the the incomparable Douglas Fraker’s NESdev 2017 Competition entry, a music-inspired single screen arcade platformer, programmed using his C library set.  Armed with your fashionable attire and guitar ready for battle, you are on a mission to collect all the floating music notes scattered throughout the level before the clock reaches zero.  Platform your way along the girders, avoid the spikes, and climb to the all the areas using ladders and balloons.  But, oh no!  Enemies sure don’t want you to succeed.  You will be bombarded by one-eyed green monsters in your path, monsters belching out projectiles, and darting bees.  Avoid them with your quick reflexes or better yet, stun them with a strum of your guitar. 

Do you have what it takes to get that high score?  Bonus coins are available for the taking, but you will need to weigh your skills against the clock and those pesky monsters and bees.  And oh boy will the pressure be cranked up as you advance in levels.  Make sure to get a picture of your score after that  game over screen and post it for all to admire.  

The round will begin March 6, hold off until the start because no score posted before then will be accepted. Please limit your posts to including your scores so as not to clutter the thread.

How to submit your score:

1. Scores shall be submitted by posting a picture to that month’s game thread.  Screenshots of a computer screen (print screen) are not acceptable.

2. The picture must include the entire screen and have your VGS user name within the picture on a piece of paper.   Username can not be added digitally to the picture.

3. Type out your score in bold on your thread post.

4. Scores must be submitted within the posted time frame.

5. Do not submit scores from previous runs.

6. Use one post for your score.  You can submit as many as you like by editing your original post.  You can bump the thread to announce your new score.


1. NTSC only, no PAL.  This will create a level playing field and not create differences based on timing.

2. OEM, FPGA, and clone consoles are OKAY.

3. Emulators are OKAY.  Play game at 100% speed.

4. No save states allowed.

5. Flashcarts (i.e. Everdrive / Power Pak) are OKAY.

6. No turbo or slow motion controllers are allowed.

7. No game genie codes.

8. Do not use glitches in the game to boost your score.



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Homebrew Team · Posted

Jammin Honey Leaderboard

Username               Score                Date

Red                           99,990              3/22/2020

Zi                               96,040             3/15/2020 

Ecmyers                   70,640             3/22/2020

Driveshaft                50,530             3/14/2020

Deadeye                  36,330             3/15/2020

Bertsampson           32,250             3/10/2020

JamesRobot            25,630              3/16/2020

Richardhead            19,930             3/15/2020

Scrobins                  15,310              3/9/2020

Audsen                    12,120              3/20/2020

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Yeah I don’t want to show my whole screen so I’ll give a cam shot from powerpak. ALMOST beat the end guy (Saving that score for later).

Anyone else beat senior top hat?


edit: 3750 on level 1 or reset...

Edited by zi
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