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Dragon Quest DS games


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I want to buy all of the Dragon Quest games on DS. Would like to buy them complete, minty good condition and preferably all of them together as a set.

The games I want are:

Dragon Quest IV

Dragon Quest V

Dragon Quest VI

Dragon Quest IX


I also have a bunch of Limited Runs for switch, might be willing to do trades



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13 hours ago, avatar! said:

DQ VIII was released in 2017! $40 retail price.

hack my life kitchen GIF by truTV

Didn't have DQ VIII for DS.

For a while, though, it was a Father's Day tradition to get my dad a DQ game.  

My kids get to engage in that tradition this year by picking up DQ XI for me on the Switch 😛



EDIT: also, I'd have to check my records, but that Layton UT copy of DQ V might actually be the one I sold last spring getting resold again 😛 

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I am still missing Dragonquest V. Wish I had bought it before it went crazy. I’d even settle for a loose copy at this point.

I was lucky to find an extra loose copy of DQ IV during this hunt for Dragon Quest DS games. Not willing to sell IV straight up, but I am willing do a trade+ for V

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