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Bowser's steal deals


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Posting the great deals I got over the past few months.

Sealed Pokemon Diamond for $20.



Accolade version of Centipede for $10. It was actually at the bottom of the display cabinet and face down. I couldn't reach with my fingers so I had to fish it out with a stick. After turning it over it turned out to be Centipede.



4 GBA games for $50.



6 GBA games for $50.



2 Nintendo Labo kits for $20 each in a Walmart clearance. Heard they even went for $10 in some stores.



5 Zelda themed Amiibo including the Guardian for $40.



Xenoblade Chronicles X special edition for $10 because it was missing the soundtrack USB.



Found this in a Fry's Electronics.



Best Buy clearance.



Sealed Pokemon Platinum for $40.



DS rumble pak for $3 in a pawn shop.



Switch Lite for $125 because the joystick was broken. It was pretty much brand new with tempered glass applied from day one. I replaced the stick myself the next day for $10.



7 Gameboy games for $20. I kept Project S-11 and sold the rest for the same price. Also got Minecraft 3DS CIB for $5 (not pictured).



Everything for $40. Elevator Action and Mission Impossible came with manuals. The GB had battery acid on the contacts and lots of lines on the screen. I fixed it up, kept the games in the top row and the power adaptor and sold everything else for a small profit.



And finally the best deal I've had in a long while just a couple of days ago, everything in the pic for $30.


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A couple more deals I forgot to post:

CIB Wii U Mario Kart 8 bundle for $65 in a pawn shop because it had a parental controls pin set on it so they didn't know how to wipe it. But of course I do. It even came with an extra Wii remote plus and nunchuck.



Bomberman Land 2 Touch for Nintendo DS for $10. Copies are scarce on eBay but the price hasn't jumped yet so hopefully it was a good pickup.



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11 hours ago, bowser said:

Found this yesterday on Facebook marketplace for $20. I'll keep Viewtiful Joe and sell the rest. Already have a gold Wii Classic Controller Pro.


Viewtiful Joe is such a fantastic game. I don't think I ever played the sequel, but the original nailed pretty much everything it was going for.

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New pickups from the last 5-6 weeks!


$120 for everything. Not cheap but not too bad either. Sold the SNES Jr to offset some of the cost. Didn't know Dark Spire was an expensive game.



7 DS games for $5 each. Keeping most of them for the collection.



Everything in the pic for $80. I was able to do condition upgrades for some of my games. Also got a reverse SoQ Super Mario World in this lot.



Was looking for a good deal on a pro controller since a while. Finally got it for $35, Splatoon color joy cons for $30 (no drift issues) and Smash in a pawn shop for $25.



$80 for this blue Vita, games, case and memory card. Sold my black Vita slim along with these games for more than that. Kept the case.



All 3 games for $40! Keeping these for sure. By the time I arrived at the seller's place a salty reseller who was too late for the deal told him Soul Hackers was worth a lot of money but luckily he stuck to the agreed upon price.



And finally capping off the month with another insane deal. $150 for everything in the pic. A great deal for sure but what made it insane was that I found some cash stuffed inside Kirby under the manual! It was more than what I paid for the bundle!!


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Lots of deals over the last few months!

Everything in the pic for $80. My main objective was to make enough profit off this to get my wife brand new Airpods Gen 2 for her birthday which I managed to do 😄 



I was able to upgrade my Phantom Hourglass DS Lite condition wise with this pickup. $70 for everything. Fire emblem itself seems to be worth that.



$150 for the entire 3DS lot. I was initially going to pass on this since it was kind of far away but coincidentally my wife wanted some other item from this seller so I ended up getting it lol.



Got this NES lot for $150. I kept Bucky and sold everything else for $130 so Bucky was pretty cheap in the end.



I got this lot only for the expansion pak. It was barely visible in the original pic with just a corner of the red top sticking out from under all the cables. I also realized later that the PS3 gold tipped OEM component cables were worth $$. $25 for everything.


This was the original pic. Can you spot the expansion pak?



Another epic deal here. The lady wanted $140 plus 2 N64 controllers with tight sticks for all this. The SNES Jr box is now proudly displayed in my game room.



Only $150 for this lot. The guy wanted to get rid of all this stuff ASAP because his wife didn't want it in the house anymore lol. I was more than happy to oblige.



Been looking for this uncommon Sea Green 2DS. Came across several in the past at higher prices but always missing the original stylus. Finally found this for $30.



Only $15 for everything!



Found these in a pawn shop for real cheap. Nothing great here but it still felt good to find boxed GBA games in the wild for $1.50 each.



My first boxed Gameboy Pocket! The games are also mint CIB. Only $40 for the lot. It was actually pending by the time I saw the ad but the first guy never showed up and I was next in line. Felt pretty lucky. Who wouldn't pick up a deal like this?!



This Wii and GameCube lot was $100. That Ocarina of Time for GC had been eluding me since a while. Either too expensive or seeing the ad too late. Finally got it.



Heck of a find on Facebook. Only $10 shipped!



Didn't notice the Nintendo Power 100 controller until a few days later. Surprisingly the ad was up all this time. $120 for the lot.



And finally my biggest deal recently. Included a working modded Xbox with Xecuter 3. This is the rare mod with buttons and LCD on the face. $130 for everything. It was actually a pending deal when I saw it but the buyer wanted a few days. I said I can be there ASAP and the seller agreed.


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