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Hey Sweetie!!!!


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If you have a significant other what are you doing for Valentine's Day?

We just got a card for each other and on Monday (Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants - so we go out a few days ealier or later to avoid the rush) Mrs. Tellurian and I will go to Red Lobster for lunch - Mrs. Tellurian will grab something from the Lobsterfest offerings and I will have my favorite all you can eat shrimp.


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We usually go out to eat on the day of, but we go to a place that is never that busy so we don't have to worry about reservations or waiting for a table.  This year, since it's Friday, my wife decided we would just get carry out from the same restaurant, and just eat at home, which is totally fine by me.  

Also, I didn't get a chance to look at them, but I know that my oldest son took Super Mario Valentine's Day cards to his school today (Kindergarten).  He was pretty excited about finding those since we've been playing Mario Odyssey lately.  

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Editorials Team · Posted

Before we had kids we'd go to the mall, eat at the food court, then get a pound of chocolate from See's Candy, each picking out a half-pound of what we like. Then go home and eat it while we watch something. Same with our anniversary. Nowadays the line at See's is always too long, even the day before, and we have a buncha kids. So I usually have to grab the chocolate the day before, and then bring food home from work. We do the old plan on our anniversary though.

Tonight we'll probably continue watching a lecture series on the history of communism. Sometimes we try to find some standup that we like, but we've been coming up dry lately. Communism it is.

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