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Another "Limited Run" or "PlayAsia Exclusives" kind of deal, they've got two Switch physical releases at the moment. 

I just heard of them on Twitter, figured I'd share since I'm not sure who might wanna know but hasn't seen yet. 





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2 minutes ago, noiseredux said:

ugh, that Bridge Constructor Portal looks cool.

I remember we had a guide to all these small print run Switch companies on some other forum. Have we started one here yet? It's a tough thing to keep track of.

I don't think we do on here, but keep an eye on limited print games reddit. They keep track of each release from each company as it happens

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I bought Bridge Constructor Portal when it came out on PS4.  AMAZING game.  If you enjoy Portal at all, you should at least check it out.  It has the same voice for Glados and it has a similar type of humor.  The PS4 version is actually a triple pack that includes two other bridge building games, but I've spent most of my time in the Portal version.  

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