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Notable anniversaries/birthdays in 2020 (only ones that end in zero or five please!)


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Here's a few off the top of my head:

Good grief!  Peanuts turns 70!


What's up, doc?  Bugs Bunny turns 80!

On Lincoln's Birthday in 1990, the US finally gets Super Mario Bros 3!  30 years ago already!

Also on 1990, the Super Famicom is released in Japan, which like SMB3, the US must wait quite a while (about a year and a half?) for the SNES to arrive.

The original Playstation turns 25 this year!  Hopefully they'll celebrate it right instead of that stupid mini-PS1 garbage from last year.

The Playstation 2 turns 20!

The original Final Fantasy came out 30 years ago in the US

Back to the Future is now 35 and the "future year" (2015) will already be five years ago!  Great Scott!

The World Wide Web (or Internet as we know it) turns 25...at least as far as my local paper is concerned as it didn't mention it at all before that year (1995).  Believe me, I looked it up (newspapers.com)!  I'm probably among the last generation that remembers the pre-Internet era.  Here are some neat Internet firsts:


And the first ever picture posted on the Internet, back in 1992:


YouTube (and me and my wife's anniversary too!) turns 15...the first ever YT video...


I'm sure there's plenty others you guys can find...remember only ones that end in zero or five please!


PS: And last but certainly the least...this is the year (March 22) I'll be...*glup*...FORTY. 😞 

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For some reason I thought the Undertaker went back a little further.

But yeah I really should've included those three you listed; those were BIG ones...I mean Nelson Mandela is the George Washington of modern South Africa after all and is kinda considered something of a history book saint.

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3 hours ago, LeatherRebel5150 said:

The Undertaker debuted at Survivor Series in 1990. 30 years in the business


Other notable 30th anniversaries:

  • Germany Reunification
  • Hubble Telescope Deployed
  • Nelson Mandela Released from Prison



Beat me to it! It's hard to believe this is The Undertaker's 30th year in the WWF/E when he actually had a year long run in WCW as Mean Mark Callous before debuting in the WWF as The Undertaker.

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11 hours ago, CodysGameRoom said:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the movie) came out March 30, 1990. 30 years old.

Oh yes!  I got to see it in the theater (back when that was still a special sort of thing)!  Not to mention I got to have my tenth birthday party at McDonalds a little earlier that same year (we even had McDonald's Pizza!)...which was sadly torn down and replaced a couple years ago 😞  I mean don't misunderstand me it did NEED to be replaced but it was still kinda sad to see it go (I even got to keep a brick from the old place! 🙂 ). 

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