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NArchive - Unbreak Google links to NintendoAge Posts


Broken links be gone!  

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Administrator · Posted

Something I've noticed a fair bit of talk around here and there is that now when you do a search online and that search results in a thread on NintendoAge, those links are broken. You click from the Googles and just get a 404 page.

No more!

I made a quickie Google Chrome Extension which will see that you've landed on such a "dead" link, and redirect you to the appropriate thread in the GoCollect archived posts.

Install the extension here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hefkdnbdocchnjklfkdnpkhjpoilcopb/

Hopefully this helps a few people out, I myself have run into it a few times while doing searches for info on stuff and before I just went "meh, I guess I'll try to find some other source for the info". Now I don't have to.

Let me know if this helps you at all, and/or if you have any requests for other similar stuff related to this!

For anyone curious, you can view the source code here to see exactly what I'm doing: https://github.com/DouglasKGlover/NArchive

It's actually really simple, I look for a threadid in the url string, and if I find one, I redirect you to the archived thread. It's a very simple url rebuild. Hopefully GoCollect realizes this and fixes it on their end so people don't have to have an extension installed to view archived posts, but for now this will have to do.

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