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Werewolves of Springfield - signups are now open

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We need new blood.  Who should we call out?  I know I didn't have a clue what this was about on NA until about the 3rd or 4th time I saw a WW game and I was simply curious.  Forum newbs need to know. 🙂

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Events Team · Posted

@fcgamer @Wasg13 @Avgn Gamer @FireHazard51 

A few people who participated in recent games who are still active. There's some others who've participated in other recent games, but who haven't signed in in quite awhile.

As far as new blood goes, might be a good idea to look for people who have participated in some of the other events around the site, ones I've hosted, Survivor, etc, but who haven't participated in WW and see if any of them would be interested in trying it out.

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7 hours ago, Avgn Gamer said:

If you fellas do survivor, let me know 


6 hours ago, ZeldaFreak said:

Any interest in this game? Obviously it's ongoing now, but you can always sign up as a backup if you want, we didn't get any backup signups.

(Also for you @FireHazard51) Yes, it might be good for you guys to sign-up as back-ups.  @G-type, has everyone chimed in for their vote?  If not, we may need to pull from some alts to replace the quite ones.  If you can get @Avgn Gamer or @FireHazard51 pre-entry Role requests, and player votes, then maybe we can get the ball rolling as soon as they show up?

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