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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone! We just launched The Cursed Knight Kickstarter campaign two days ago and I wanted yo share it with you all. The Cursed Knight is 100% finished and works on the real Sega Megadrive/Genesis console! We are running this crowdfunding campaign in order to raise funds for physical production and offer collector limited editions that won't be available once the campaign is over. Do you like platform and shoot'em up games? Do you like challenging games? Do you like retrogaming? And most importantly, do you like the Megadrive/Genesis? Then The Cursed Knight is for you! Enter the weird world of The Cursed Knight and fight your way through various levels to finally meet the Cube god. Look for secret items, fight your enemies to the rhythm of an energic soundtrack, stay alert and go through the most dangerous areas manipulating gravity. Features 5 unique worlds 10 crazy levels 10 bosses Crazy Genesis visual effects A password system
  2. Anyone have the Piko Interactive version of Jim Powers for NES, SNES, and Genesis? Wondering if they are good. I just looked at gameplay for the first time and it looks awesome! I'm especially interested in the NES and Genesis versions.
  3. Prices include shipping. Payment through PayPal using Goods and Services. DREAMCAST Dino Crisis (CIB Very Good) - $75 NINTENDO SWITCH Bloodroots (CIB Like New Super Rare Games) - $63 Lonely Mountains Downhill (CIB BRAND NEW Super Rare Games) - $55 Spinch (CIB Like New iam8bit) - $43 Wonderful 101 Remastered w/ Kickstarter exclusive slipcover (CIB Like New) - $40 Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl Classic Edition box, poster, and soundtrack (no game, Like New) - $36 XBOX 360 Metal Gear Rising Revengance (CIB BRAND NEW) - $20 PLAYSTATION 3 Dead Space 2 (disc only, Very Good) - $10 Hellboy Science of Evil (missing manual, Good) - $16 PLAYSTATION 4 Neurovoider w/trading card (CIB BRAND NEW Limited Run Games) - $40 Star Wars Episode 1 Racer (CIB BRAND NEW Limited Run Games) - $36 Star Wars Racer Revenge - (CIB BRAND NEW Limited Run Games) - $36 Green Lava Studios Volume 1 (CIB BRAND NEW Limited Run Games) - $36 GAME BOY COLOR Test Drive Off-Road 3 (CIB Very Good small dent on back of box) - $40 GENESIS/MEGADRIVE: Darius Extra Version (Japanese CIB Like New) $75 NES NES Advantage bundle with Sky Shark, Twin Eagle, and Tiger Heli. $125 NES Advantage bottom has been repainted but is missing the screws unfortunately... it's been a while since I had this and must have misplaced them. Works perfectly fine though. Sky Shark and Twin Eagle are CIB (or at least have boxes and manuals). Boxes are pretty worn, and manuals are only lightly worn . Tiger Heli is cart and manual only.
  4. WTB Phantasy Star 2/3 Inserts & Final Fantasy Legend 3 Box View Advert Hi all! Looking for a Squaresoft variant Box only for Final Fantasy Legend 3 (GB) Looking for Map only for Phantasy Star 2 (Genesis) Looking for Poster only for Phantasy Star 3 (Genesis) Thank you all! Advertiser Oishii san Date 01/06/2022 Price Category WTB  
  5. Time Left: 3 hours and 6 minutes

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Hi all! Looking for a Squaresoft variant Box only for Final Fantasy Legend 3 (GB) Looking for Map only for Phantasy Star 2 (Genesis) Looking for Poster only for Phantasy Star 3 (Genesis) Thank you all!


  6. Sweet little twin stick shooter that is a Genesis homebrew. Just picked this up on Switch. Anyone else check this out?
  7. Cleaning house a bit, finding I'm just not big on the Switch LEs. Selling a few non-specials too. - Celeste - Dead Cells (LE, sealed) - Minit (LE) - Octopath Traveler - Xenoblade (LE) (x2) - Oniken + Odallus (LE) - Shantae 1/2 Genie (LE) - Shikhondo (LE) Toss me an offer, Paypal is fine, and if you have stuff for trade lemme know. Here's my WTB thread for a general reference of what I'm looking for:
  8. Let's work out a deal! I'm looking for: Saturn: (no broken cases) Daytona CCE (disc only) Galactic Attack Highway 2000 Road Rash Sega Touring Car Championship Virtua Cop 2 Virtua Racing Dreamcast: 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker Gamecube: (Black Label, CIB w/ Nintendo Power pamphlet if applicable) Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door Star Fox Assault Viewtiful joe Wario Ware Genesis (CIB) Fire Shark Raiden Socket Genesis Manuals: Adventures of Batman & Robin Shinobi 3 Steel Empire Streets of Rage 2 Strider Gizmondo: Classic Compendium Classic Compendium 2 Interstellar Flames 2 Pocket Ping Pong 2005 SSX 3
  9. Prices include shipping Gamecube (CIB) 1080 Avalance Bonus DVD edition - $23 Donkey Konga 2(sealed) - $17 Intellivision Lives - $ 9 Rouge Squadron II - $12 Rouge Squadron III - $12 Zoocube - $10 N64(Loose): Aidyn Chronicles:The First Mage - $20 Hybrid Heaven - $10 Banjo Kazzoie w manual -32 Yoshi's story - $18 Genesis(Loose): Raiden Trad - $18 Vita - Sealed Akiba's Beat(PAL) - $20 Antiquia Lost(With random trading card) - $28 Atelier Shallie Plus Alchemists of the Dusk Sea(UPC punched) - $35 Croixeur Sigma(UPC punched, no card) - $25 Hyperdimensional Neptunia PP(PAL) - $35 Mind 0(UPC punched) - $20 Ys Origin(With Random Card) - $33 - CIB Drive Girls(PAL) - $14 One Piece Pirate Warriors 3(PAL) - $32 One Way Heroics (W Postcard, no sticker) - $20 Rayman Origins - $12 - Loose Assassain's Creed Liberations - $8 Code Realize Future Blessings - $12 Dengeki Bunko - $14 Disgaea 4 - $17 Dragon Crown - $12 Dungeon Hunter Alliance - $8 Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy - $8 Neo Geo Pocket Color: Card Fighters Capcom edition - $20 Console(Needs a recap, sound cuts off past mid-volume) - $45 Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999 - $32 King of Fighters R-2 - $ 13 Metal Slug 1st Mission - $22 Pac Man(CIB, box torn on the side) - $28 Neo Turf Masters - $17 Pocket Tennis Color(PAL) - $15 Puzzle Bobble(PAL) - $13 Puzzle Link - $9 Puzzle Link 2 - $15
  10. Always felt “fake” to me, but I have no idea what a legit seal looks like on sega genesis. Any advice would help (its for sale as well)
  11. Just got this in the mail, totally forgot I ordered it lol. Anybody else get their copy? Played it? Thoughts?
  12. Why not celebrate the beginning of a new forum by trying to sell some random stuff I don't have room for anymore. First things first, I am in Canada, and the prices on my spreadsheet are all in Canadian funds, so don't panic at the high-looking prices. Secondly, everything is OBO, because I like bundle deals and this stuff is just taking up space. If I've done anything wrong with this posting, let me know and I'll correct it. List with prices is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W_S0B1Jy8xZGAAyMU12bwhO4ZDN20wVC_oXimnjLKmo/edit?usp=sharing
  13. I'll be documenting my progress here in the making of a Sega Neptune. Here is the bottom of the system. I have relocated the capacitors so they won't be in the way of the 32x board. The Genesis board still fits in the bottom shell. The capacitors don't get in the way. You can see that there is a lot more space to work with now. The cart slot has been cleanly removed. I'm testing the length of wire for the cartridge slot extender. I am using a Cat 5e ethernet cord to source the wires. Here is what the reverse looks like. I will be relocating those 3 black components to the bottom as well. I've begun adding wires to the cartridge slot. I tinned the pins and stripped cables. I will be bending the wires underneath the cart slot.
  14. Hi, folks! I migrated here from nintendoage and have an ebay store. Just thought i would post this here to show what i have available. Visit RetroSpuds to see what all is available. If we can make a deal outside of ebay i will cut you a better deal as well. Check it out...
  15. I'd like to share with you 2 programs I have enjoyed using. I use these to isolate NES or Genesis OSTs. For instance, I could hear just the bassline or the melody of these songs. This is a good tool for musicians trying to learn these songs. Or just have fun and mess around for hours with these like I do! NSFPlay- this plays NSF sound files. You can toggle on or off each wave channel. You need to download NSF files and then open them with this player. It works well. There aren't many sound channels so it is easy to learn what each one does. RYMCast- this plays Genesis .vgm sound files. The interface isn't that great and it glitches sometimes. You can visually see the waveforms which is nice. You can experiment with toggling these on or off. You can even slow or speed up the track. I love isolating the basslines and deconstructing the song bit by bit. Seriously, the Genesis has amazing sound when properly utilized by game developers. Don't believe the myth that Genesis audio sucks. Check out the "Socket" soundtrack! If anyone knows of any similar programs for other systems like TurboGrafx, GameBoy, SNES, etc, please let me know. I hope you enjoy!
  16. Nintendarr

    Misc games

    Shipping is not included in prices BOXES Willow (cib) $25 Airwolf (cib) $12 Rampage (no manual) $30 Mario tennis (No cartridge) $8 Supercross 2000 (cib) $12 Beetle adventure racing (cib) $25 Turok 2 (cib) $15 South park (loose) $8 SEGA Pitfall $8 Lion King $10 Sonic $5 College football 96 $3 Kid chameleon $15 Art alive $4 Romance of the three kingdoms 2 (no manual) $22 Stargate $10
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