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Matthew Perry, played Chandler on Friends (1969-2023)


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1 hour ago, final fight cd said:

Given his history, maybe.  But he could have slipped on water, hit his head, and passed out in the water.  There could be a million different ways it played out that doesn’t involve drugs. 

Sure, or a scorned lover who beaned him, or something electrical fell in. But the majority of celeb deaths that aren't old age or cancer tend to be drugs.

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I thought I read somewhere that it could’ve been a heart attack that led to his drowning. Being in a hot tub for extended periods + having a weakened heart from all the years of drug abuse is an easy way to trigger a cardiac event. 

I wasn’t a fan of Friends (I didn’t hate it either and would watch an episode if nothing else was on), but he was everywhere in my mid to late teens. Sad to see him go - seems like he was one of the decent ones in Hollywood. 

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