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The Analogue Pocket Dock still doesn't work with the Analogue DAC


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Making a thread specifically for this as 1) I feel that it merits its own discussion as a PSA rather than a comment in the other thread that will get lost in the mix of new Pocket releases, and 2) so I can (hopefully) update the thread when they update the Dock firmware to resolve this.

I've contacted them a few times about this. Each time they've responded with a generic "this feature will be available in a future firmware update" and nothing more, no time estimate, nothing. The Pocket itself as a standalone device is awesome. The Dock however works about half the time on my HDTV, and of course it works none of the time on my CRT because the DAC doesn't recognize it.

Currently their site says the feature is "coming soon":



However when they had them up for preorder...



Prior to the preorders opening, they had a disclaimer on the site stating that the Pocket and Dock were in development and so specs etc. may change, so there was no promise that the DAC would work with it, but when preorders opened (as above), the disclaimers were updated and any such statement was removed; they were no longer "in dev" and we were lead to believe that the feature list was complete and final for launch:



The "coming soon" note came as far as I can tell months after preorders closed. We'd all already given them our money and I for one was banking heavily on the ability to finally play any of my handheld games on the CRT. I don't want to play them on a big widescreen HDTV with black bars and sharp lines on every pixel, I want to play on my CRT TV.

And I'll whine and cry until I get it, as is my right as an American Canadian!

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