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Preventing Bestine smearing?


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Bit of a silly question, but I figure someone here has some experience. I've been using Bestine to remove stickers for a while now but the one issue I've been having is after I get the sticker off, a decent chunk of the time there's still adhesive residue remaining. When I try to clean up the residue, sometimes I end up just smearing it on the thing I'm trying to clean. Any advice on avoiding this issue? Guessing just dabbing the soaked residue off might be a better play, but anything else?

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I used to use bestine a lot and still do for really tough stickers but like you, nasty sticker residue. I’ve started soaking stickers in IPA 99% for maybe like 5 minutes or so and then scraping them. This way the alcohol has time to penetrate the sticker and the residue. I can usually get it all gobbed up with the flat end of an ifixit spudger and pretty much just wipe it away. There maybe a little bit left sometimes but I get just do a small reapply and get the rest. Bestine dries to fast for this to work. 

Obviously, do not do this on paper or cardboard. 

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Don't use Bestine. Use lighter fluid.

I've been cleaning my games with lighter fluid for probably a decade, I just pour some on a Q-Tip, rub it on the outside of the sticker, it soaks through the sticker, dissolves the glue and the sticker peels right off. Give it another wipe with a paper towel and you're done.

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Social Team · Posted
On 8/29/2023 at 10:20 PM, dogbowl said:

I use a product called "Un-du Remover".  Can't speak to what the liquid inside the bottle actually is but it does not leave streaks in any way.  Give it time, go slow and it will dissolve the adhesive and then evaporate away.  Clean up is simple with a cloth after that.

Dude, this product seems like magic...


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