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Mario Kart 64 weirdness


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I've had the same Mario Kart 64 cartridge since launch day. But something odd happened to me while playing it. You know how if you placed 4th or above you get to go to the next round while if you place fifth or below you have to try it again? Well, I was in a battle for fourth place in Bowser's Castle. I lost that battle. I placed fifth in that race. Yet it still let me pass the race. I checked to see if perhaps it was a tie or something. Nope, the computer was ahead by at least a few hundredths of a second. This has never happened to me before. It was kind of odd to see "5th" flash on the screen like I had passed the course. But I did. I don't know why. It was weird. Perhaps it took pity on me?

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You found THE glitch!

Took all this time, but you are the first 5th to make it! 🙏

Probably something like GPX said... or something weird happened and it took your place from a different race and let you through... blah, blah, blah, code and such...  don't know anything about programming video games.... but.... something funky happened. 

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