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Fixing a Rare Nintendo Box


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Got a copy of Pokémon Box for the GameCube for a reasonable price with the big box, but the top flap was heavily damaged.


Carefully glue it back together- got to say I m think it turned out better than I expected.


Feel free to comment with your thoughts and if I could have  have fixed it better.

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I was going to suggest until I saw you did the work using the very same glue stick.  That thing is such an amazing tool in the kit of mitigation and repair I've used for over a dozen years now.  That glue holds powerfully well.  I've got some carts here I got at flea markets going back to around 2010 that were curled up that got the very treatment which still hold flat now.  That stick works great on cardboard console boxes to thinner pressed paper boxes like that too.  Tears when you have a good fray like that where you can lay it out and get it back on point works great.  It works neat on spread layers of thick console boxes too or game cart boxes even.  You can get a bit of glue between each layer and just press it flat like it used to be and it just works.

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Social Team · Posted

Damn, that was an impressive repair job.  Some times I think it's just the luck of having an easier repair.  Like having it tear at very slight angle versus a clean 90 degree cut from a pair of scissors.  I'd say the key thing now is to avoid future damage from it being moved (open & closed) multiple times.  And of course avoiding sun fading.  Which reminds me.  I need to buy some clear UV blocking film to put on my glass bookcase where I store my games.

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