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NES Action Set with Hogan's Alley - CIB Question

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I recently picked up the version of the NES Action Set that came bundled with Hogan's Alley instead of SMB + Duck Hunt. It's a thick box, rather than the long thin design that the usual Action Set appeared as.


The styrofoam tray that holds the console inside is the same size as the ones found in NES Control Deck boxes. The Zapper is housed in a separate styrofoam tray that has a white sleeve overtop.


However, when putting everything into the box, there is clearly way too much empty space. A boxed copy of Hogan's Alley will not fit, I'm assuming it's supposed to be stored loose in the styrofoam tray along with the console.


Were there inserts that would have come along with this console in order to stop the box from being crushed? I can't imagine it would have been shipped with the Zapper free to move around. All of my online searches haven't turned up any results. Any info on how this box is supposed to look when complete would be greatly appreciated!

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Yeah, that's WEIRD. Does it say Hogan's Alley included anywhere on the box?

Hogan's Alley was a launch title that,while one of the better Zapper games, wasn't exactly super popular. I can't imagine it being the only pack in game.

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