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Fiber Optic/Super Brite/Kiosks/Cabinets Top $


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Just acquired a new home with a large basement space for a game room finally at my home in Denver. Looking to get multiple signs and pay top of the market for them. Mostly looking for Gameboy Fiber/SNES Fiber/Superbrites/Double Sided NES Fiber. Triad Superbrite. Cash in hand and can make a deal happen within 24 hours and fly to pick anything up.


Please let me know what you have and I am happy to pay top money for them.  


Thank you.

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2 hours ago, Mega Tank said:

Oh My God Wow GIF

Probably the only other sign I want.

There's also 2 versions of this design where one is a "regular" pretty thick metal/plastic and doesn't light up it's pretty aswesome aswell (but maybe you already accounted for it and it isn't one of your wants).

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