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  1. Hey there! I haven't seen that shirt before. You are welcome to post about it in my video game clothing group on Facebook. Here is the link. Good luck! https://www.facebook.com/groups/460979047974754/?ref=share -CB
  2. View Advert World of Nintendo Fiber Optic sign I know it is just after the holidays, but after the holidays seem to be better than before them. $6000 USD OBO. Partial trades accepted. Bring on that trade bait and tantalize me with some shiny things. Located in Sweden. I have custom-made boxes to fit it. I have plenty of experience shipping worldwide. Advertiser CB's Retro T's Date 01/03/2022 Price $6,000.00 Category FS / FO / FT  
  3. Been loving this jacket recently! I have it on display in my hallway. It was owned by a lady that worked on the MegaBus in 1993/1994 driving around Europe. Gotta love it!
  4. I'm not sure the best way about this, but I think it would be at least interesting to know who lives in Europe. Maybe we could have a flag next to our name on the site or sonething? Dunno? -CB
  5. Thanks for better insight. I'm a standard M and still don't have one for the very reason I have never seen an M. Now I'm really curious if they made them. What are these letters you speak of? Do you have a photo? Thanks
  6. Shipping is always a huge problem for collectors. It would be a great thing if we could have buy/sell/trade posts able to be posted by location. So often I see an amazing sign, kiosk, statue, or cabinet that I want but cannot reasonably ship it from the US or Canada without breaking the bank. I'm not sure how it can be implemented, but just my 2 cents. It would also be a great way to meet people on this side of "the pond".
  7. $650 is a good price. Not a great price, but what about I expect most people will want for it.
  8. If you can get it for less than $400 you are doing good. Most will not sell at that price.....don't ask me why? I have plenty of muh rarer jackets but due to the association with the event they are spiked in value. Similar to the Sonic 2 promotional jacket. Everyone pays a lot for them because they used to have one or had a friend that had one when they were younger. -CB
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