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  1. Omg runs off with it. Yum yum
  2. So glad you liked them. But you didnt mention the awesome card
  3. I actually thought @sadikyo was the Secret santa @SNESNESCUBE64. I havnt figured out who my Secret Santa is. But i am really happy for my gifts
  4. Was able to get my gift out in time. Cant wait to see there persons reaction
  5. Today I decided to add to the Repellant series. It isnt what you expect. But it is a expression of some of my feelings and experiences.
  6. Looking for the box and inserts for the Ps4 Pro 500 Million edition. Will negotiate price Thanks and have a great day
  7. For Sale S.c.a.t SOLD Die hard good label $120 shipped us Mighty Final Fight good label $215 shipped I do ship to Canada or but will cost extra. Here is the weights of the games with the shipping box Shipping box size 12x8x5 Mighty Final Fight 11.5 ounces Die Hard 11.5 ounces S.c.a.t 11.4 ounces Thanks and have a great day
  8. Megamanfan


    Pokemon leaf green Sale is for game only Asking $35 shipped in the us
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