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As a kid, I collected a lot of stuff.  I don’t know why, but it hit me hard as a kid.  By the time I got my Game Boy, I was keeping all manuals and inserts (I didn’t have a place for boxes so they had to be trashed.) By the time I got an N64 and PSX, I made room for my boxes and I even kept the shrink wrap on my games.

I mean, I kept everything like a keepsake and not just games, which is why my CIB N64 is the only game item I have from my childhood.

Anyway, this was “normal” to me, however, as I started lending stuff out in H.S. To trusted friends and manuals came back bent or discs were scratched, I quickly realized that people don’t treat stuff the way I did.  So, I kind of stopped lending games (and also stopped asking to borrow them, just to be fair.)

So I don’t really have a specific item.  I started out generous but when little Timmy lost my DuckTales manual or Bobby returned my launch day copy of Mario 64 with a scuff and Cheeto dust on it, I was out of the swapping game for good.

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same result as @RH but different circumstances.

we didn't grow up with many games, so what few we had were precious. that led to be very stingy with lending stuff out, usually only doing "trades" for a week or some other specific amount of time. the first time i didn't get something back, that all ended quick. 

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I lent a friend a Final Fantasy VI GBA guide, I think that's what it was; Danny returned it months later, it was trashed, cover barely still remaining, stank like smoke, stains on pages, etc.

Didn't mind the smoke bit, obviously wasn't a fan but my friend's family was poor and lived in a trailer with parents who smoked, so I could accept that bit and knew that going into the situation. 

The rest of the damage though, it pissed me off. I called him out on it and he then stated, "It was in poor shape before you lent it out". Um yeah, no it wasn't, f you, I'm out.

Our relationship would then get worse after he tried to sexually harass a few of us, but that's a different story for a different day.


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Due to a bad experience back in 1986 I guess which did some permanent damage and loss to my copy of Balloon Fight I learned the valuable lesson NOT to loan games to so-called friends so that never really was an issue.  It would be another decade before I would again, but him I did trust, still friends and his father was a hardcore JAG (marine corps) so maybe threat of death was imminent for disrespecting others property too. 😉

But while not a loan, I did have one incident where I didn't want a game in the home touched period.  I've told it before, if not here, back in the NA era a dozen years ago.  Final Fantasy NES annoyingly has ONE save file.  Took me months to finish the game, made it clear I wanted to re-do the ending again after the fact after all that works.  My younger self absorbed problem child lord falteroy brother decided that didn't matter.  I came back a day or two later to find upon opening the save file LV1 characters at the start of the game outside the castle.  I lost it, pounded him for it too, which was a surprise.  I got yelled at, he got nailed for it losing months of work.  After that he got banned from my stuff period if it was gifted to me or I paid for it, shortly after he drank the sega-kool aid of ad lies and decided that Nintendo was garbage and I bought some of his games off him for a steal (and a few like Zelda 1 we co-owned). 🙂  Later (just a few years) he regretted it, no refunds!  The gift that kept on giving. 😄

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