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Anyone know of reputable people for console repair and modding these days?

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So lately I've been on a sort of bucket list journey to finally mod my consoles or have them repaired to full order. Recently I had my Colecovision and Intellivision repaired but each person seems to specialize a bit. Recently I discovered my turbo duo is having issues and the resources that used to exist seem to be gone, and I also need work done on my original PS2 and Xbox. I feel it used to be easier to find a cream of the crop as it were for these things but lately it isn't simple. The guy I got the ps2 from was from etsy and clearly not very good at this for example, so I guess I'm wondering if any of you all have any good resources or suggestions for people who do this kind of work well? Thanks, hopefully this can be helpful to others too!

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6 hours ago, goldenpp72 said:

Do you know what country they operate out of? I just notice the note on Vat/taxes, but don't see that specifically. Might be just missing it though. 

He was in US when I dealt with him. Michigan i think. Just looked through my emails, his name is Chris. 

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I know the owner on this one through a friend, very friendly and insanely competent with this.  He gets all sorts of systems in bulk JUNK lots from Japan and fixes them up for friends, himself, family, and for sale.  Anything from the most common things, to the most expensive and ridiculous (PCE LT, Wondermega, etc.) and it's solid work.  Always goes the extra mile whether requested or not with recap, etc.


I had him do a work up on my Nomad a few months back when the OG mod from ages ago crapped out, I was shocked how clean and done it was after given the shit show inside there from the hot glue twit who started there.

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