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NES/Genesis- OST Channel mixer/isolation program


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I'd like to share with you 2 programs I have enjoyed using. I use these to isolate NES or Genesis OSTs. For instance, I could hear just the bassline or the melody of these songs. This is a good tool for musicians trying to learn these songs. Or just have fun and mess around for hours with these like I do!

NSFPlay- this plays NSF sound files. You can toggle on or off each wave channel. You need to download NSF files and then open them with this player. It works well. There aren't many sound channels so it is easy to learn what each one does.

RYMCast- this plays Genesis .vgm sound files. The interface isn't that great and it glitches sometimes. You can visually see the waveforms which is nice. You can experiment with toggling these on or off. You can even slow or speed up the track. I love isolating the basslines and deconstructing the song bit by bit. Seriously, the Genesis has amazing sound when properly utilized by game developers. Don't believe the myth that Genesis audio sucks. Check out the "Socket" soundtrack!

Image result for rymcast"

If anyone knows of any similar programs for other systems like TurboGrafx, GameBoy, SNES, etc, please let me know.

I hope you enjoy!

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