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Homebrew Game Value Question

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I have pretty much dropped out of the Game scene in recent years, especially after NA went down. I was wondering if there is any place to look for values on Homebrew games besides ebay? I still have quite a few earlier NES homebrews and a few Genesis and such but never really see them come up for sale.



Assimilate CIB

Battle Kid

Batlle Kid 2  NEW/Sealed

Battle Kid 2 LE 19/33

Bio Force Ape #28

Chunckout 2

Dragon Feet NA Edition

Geminnim/Siamond 2 in 1

Glider New/Sealed

Mystic Pillars

Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991 New/Sealed

Nintendo World Championships no dip switches #66

Nintendo World Championships DIp Switches #66 New/Sealed

Nomolos CIB 

Sudoku 2007 LE 93/100

Ultimate Frogger Champion New/Sealed

Virus Cleaner LE


16 bit Christmas 2011

16 bit Christmas 2012

Campus Challenge 1992 New/Sealed


Blockbuster Championships II #9

Hangman 3/10


Last Hope LE #163/500 New/Sealed


Lasercade (Red) 1 of 10







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@Ferris Bueller had an old price guide years and years ago, but it's been out of date for a very long time. I don't think you have a better option than Ebay, digging through ancient forum sales, or guessing based on similar homebrew sales. Most of this stuff sells very infrequently secondhand and the price will depend on which specific weirdo(s) are in the market.

Price everything at $100s and make everyone who wants them sweat because they have no other options 🤑

If you put up the Battle Kid 2 LE for sale anywhere, please tag or PM me the auction or whatever. I'm definitely looking for that 🙂 

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For the 2 16 bit Xmas games, I've actually been keeping track for a while. They sometimes go for between $100 to $200 in auction and sometimes a little over $200. Never seen it higher than $300 recently for either one. Hope that can help you at least with those games. So like a price range of $150 to $250 for those.

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I could try to help with estimates, but it’s going to be doing what everyone has already suggested, considering eBay prices and what I can recall from recent sales here and on NA. There are definitely several people around here who would happily scoop some of these up. Also among all of these, what’s cart only and what’s CIB?

Did you say you had any other early homebrews? Love to know what else you might be interested in parting with.

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