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I hope to watch my collection grow and hope to keep a weekly post going, so maybe this thread will keep me on it.

New stuff every Friday  so often haha. Woo woo.

Current Main Goals:

Original Xbox North America fullset, Gamecube Japan exclusives, PS2 (RPGs and exclusives)


Backburner goals:

Nintendo 64 USA CIB full set, SNES (rpgs and shmups), X360 Japan shmups, NES CIB, NDS CIB, GB(C,A) loose



Heyo, here's the latest snags.

Today was pretty dang good.

Found 2 nes base units, one had a copy of Mario 3. All together less than 9$!

Haven't seen this good of a deal/an nes at a thrift in years, and I go often.


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1 minute ago, Vaosu said:

Ah Volunteers of America thrift store, had some awesome finds there before they shut down. They had absolutely no idea what anything was electronic wise. Nice score!

Yesss I love them, they have the best clothes usually but today somehow magically *poof*

Only other gaming item they had other than ps2 sports games was a fat 360 for 20$

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Here's the last couple days, been finding handheld bags like crazy. Couple og Xbox games that I never see locally added toward the full set. Couple star wars guides. Couple 360 games for a buck each in crispy shape. I love the double disc sets that came with consoles.

Hey maybe I like things in twos. Ope.



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This week's pickups:

Cheating a little because the switch lite is my gf's but we pretty much share a collection. Now we can both play Pokemon 🙂

The armed and dangerous hat I am curious about, where did it come from? was it a preorder thing? I love(d) lucasarts and beat armed and dangerous on Xbox but found it at the thrift for a buck.





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This week's haul:

Jenga Tetris baby!!!

2$ GameStop wireless cube controller. sure why not.

Been working on ps2 stuff that I've wanted to play, snagged arc the lad (never see it locally but surprise) and been focusing on the shin megami tensei games.

Couple cheap sfc games and us gradius III, 3 of the 10 jpn gcn games I've been waiting on showed up, legend of the quiz has p sweet holofoily box.

Finally I got some of these snes cart protectors and I'm digging em, they make shelf life easy and look great. Also fit jpn boxed gba games.




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This week's stufffff:

5 more gamecube jpn exclusives, a few snes shooters, and random other games.. still chugging toward Xbox fullset and making this thread makes me way more motivated to pick up a new game towards it once a week, going to have to count and see if I'm past 400 yet.

Happy Thanksgiving yesterday!!

Edit: 382 original xbox, getting there!!



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Here goes this week!

Got a good small haul early in the week from the Goodwill some of that elusive nes stuff that I never see at good prices, and I had been looking for the clear black psx controller so that was nice

Moving on to some eBay stuff, Secret of evermore not complete, but that's ok pretty sure I have the poster somewhere

Some nes boxed stuff I found locally, and harvest moon

P.n.03! Waited to find it and happy to knock it off my want list, some other stuff and the requisite Xbox game.





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This week a bunch of nes carts, had a lil nes night with my boo and played a bunch of em.

The socks, Mr Saturn pin, eShop card were Christmas gifts

Cheapy starfox starlink and picked up wargroove and Witcher for the switch. The Halo 5 tin was a lootcrate thing that I found at the thrift for a buck.





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Welp it's the new year now, happy 2020! here-a-wegoes:


More beautiful jpn gamecube exclusives, the us only got one of zoids games to Japan's 4 (vs, vs II, vs III, full metal clash). Battle legends(us/pal) is vs II. On another note I love this bootleg ass pokemon guide.


Big haul of Xbox guides purchased from the lovely acidjaguar.


Knocked out two of the classics!


More xbox! Chugging along nicely. Everything else was a thrift find, was surprised to find a sealed PS4 game for $2, even though it's not a pricey title it's an exclusive and looks kinda cool. Missing in the picture is a bootleg PS3 controller I found for 2.50, before Sony cracked down on the counterfeits. It charged up but I haven't tested yet.

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Another week, another post:


Another batch of Xbox, wooo. Found some guides at the thrift as well as the cube controller (cleaned up nice, ordered a clear green button set - new project) and another PS3 controller but this time not fake. The bootleg from last week is next to it, after playing around the fake has slightly longer sticks but both paired to my PS3 just fine after charging. Need to clean the real one because it has some issues registering face buttons.


Fake on top


Found some cool ds games I couldn't pass up, normally wouldn't buy loose games but bangai-o was $3. Everything else was clean, crispy, and complete. Genesis 2 base unit for $7, need to get Av and power cable but nice to actually own a Genesis again. Shirin the wanderer 2 addin slowly to the j n64.


One piece jpn exclusives Grand battle 3 and Treasure battle, and part of baten kaitos.


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Pretty slow this week20200117_150431.thumb.jpg.061ab7b6878aeca23c0699a19ba16b74.jpg

Panzer dragoon Orta is a really nice upgrade to the copy I had. The animal crossing cards took buying another copy just for the cards, so now I have some in the jpn gamecube collection, sealed kinect game, other cheaps, oddworld needs the discs cleaned but I am happy to have for a buck.



Nothing special, here's to next week.

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Ending January now, here's the scores:


3 neat and cool og Xbox games! Everything else was thrifted, the silver 360 faceplate looks like it was never used, $1 mk7



Jpn cube: Dokapon dx and Hikaru no Go 3! Bought the raphnet snes to gc adapter here from zeppelin03. I am super stoked to use a snes pad with the gameboy player much cheaper option than the hori pad.

Hikaru no go 3 is pretty neat, anime based on the game go. Comes with a gba cart for link action/importing data between handheld and console.20200124_145116.thumb.jpg.fa9330c6503bc9902603d7585690c0ac.jpg

I love stuff like this. Anyways, thanks for stopping in. 'til February, happy game hunting!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

1st of the month!


Puyo and Momotaro dentetsu 11 for the jpn cube, and KoF heros for xbox. The rest thrift finds, happy to get a wavebird receiver on the cheap.


Snagged this nice component switcher off eBay, hooked up and it's perfect for my Toshiba af series crt that only has one stinkin component input.


Now I need to get some rca y adapters to share audio with the s video port since it's weird like that, but it auto switches beautifully. I had been watching for a good deal and ended up very happy with this buy.


To end this week's post, heres a sneak peek at the gba project I've been working on 🙂


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This week continuing the crt switching, found this auto switching s video switcher for $2 and it's awesome! 20200206_133341.thumb.jpg.d7a838ea7e60f420951cf62b3bc3872e.jpg

Sony sb-v55a


Only 3 svideo inputs, but that's ok with me. Works great auto switching.


Since I finally have my little setup going I dug out these new old stock cables I had been saving, the terk switch box will have a different tv home now because auto switching is way cooler.

Anyways still in progress on the tv front, here's the game snags


Super cheapies, everything this week was $2-3 a pop. I ordered a clear purple button set for the cube controller.


Gotta stop buying guides but hard when they're so cheap, also some nice 12ft acoustic research pro series component cables.

Hope next week goes smooth for y'all, happy game hunting!!

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