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I've lost my television remote, have you seen it?
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  2. Halloween has come and gone and still no remote. Where could it be now? All the spooky decorations have been put away. All that remains are a few uncarved pumpkins out front.
  3. It’s November! Maybe you left it on the book shelf.
  4. I've been regularly eating the candy and it doesn't seem to be in there so far.
  5. Nope, I just put a fresh jug in there and it's not there.
  6. Welcome to the great TV remote search! Each month I'll start a new thread and we'll see if it can be found. The rooms it could be in: Garage, tape dungeon, office, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room. I've got the usual furniture you'd find in any house, but we do change up the decor for holidays like Halloween or Christmas etc... so it's possible it could get lost in that stuff aswell. Prize for whoever finds my remote.
  7. We dont gave any kids so that's definitely out. I've checked down low but it isnt panning out so far
  8. I already told you, look in your kids' toy boxes! If it's not in there, check any lower than crotch-height cubby, nook or cranny. It's in there.
  9. Where would you look for a lost television remote in October?

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