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Burgers on the fourth of July



I'm torn. Should I keep the sky color like it was or change it to this:


It looks more sky-like, but is it kind of hard to see the enemies?

I also worked on a Game over screen.


Which has got to be the lamest Game Over screen in the entire world. Even still, this was really hard to program. At least it has the standard death music on it. Plus, keep in mind that I'm a beginner at Commodore 64 assembly, so I don't know much yet. In fact, I'm impressed with what I've done so far when I don't know much of what I'm doing. Fortunately, Commodre 64 assembly is about the same as Atari 2600 assembly, except for the Commodore 64-specific stuff.

I used to have a box and manual for Blueprint. But it left. I looked everywhere. I guess they grew legs and left.

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Yeah, it's hard to see. Use the other green, or go back to the original blue.

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