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Moves counter



I thought I'd be done after making a lot of changes, but I thought of one more thing I could put in the game: A moves counter! That was missing! So I put one in.


This was surprisingly easy to add in the game. I made it so after you move 255 times, the move counter stays at 255. Haven't actually needed to use 255 moves. And I hope the puzzles don't need 255 moves to complete. I like to think of the moves counter as the "score" for this game. But the lower the number the better.

So NOW I will TRY to stop working on this and finally attempt to think up some more levels.

But, if you think of something I can change or add, please let me know. I've also been playing Lazlo's Leap and forgetting that in that game you can't jump over nothing. I tested a previous version of Golden Pineapples on my Game Boy color and it works fine.

I thought about going back to working on Ugly Uppity Umpire, but Golden Pineapples is more fun to work on.

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I beat all the levels! Feedback:

First I thought that being able to jump over nothing was silly, but now I appreciate the different kind of thinking needed to get the final pineapple into the center. And how each pineapple can only inhabit a limited number of squares, sort of its own grid within the main grid. I had to think about that in Lazlos, but moreso here, especially since you have to end in the center. So congrats on coming up with a variation of the classic marble jumping puzzle!

After completing a level, I sort of expected to be taken to the next level, instead of pushing Start to go back to the main menu. Maybe that can be implemented later when there are more levels. In the distant future, If you want to keep it where you can skip puzzles, maybe some way to track which ones you've completed, or possibly a PAR system like Lazlos' Leap.

Neat game! I didn't encounter any bugs.

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Thanks for playing the game and giving me feedback. Glad you enjoyed it! The reason I made it so you have to press start to go back to the main menu is in case you needed to take a picture (or screencap) of how many jumps it took you to finish the level. I'd need a battery to make it track which levels you've done, and that may limit the ability for Game Boy homebrew makers that can make my game. I found a place that made Game Boy games, but they couldn't make Frank the Fruit Fly since it used a battery. You have to end in the center in Lazlos' Leap as well.

I made a fourth level, and I plan to make about a couple of levels per week until I can't think of any more.

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32 minutes ago, Gamegearguy said:

You have to end in the center in Lazlos' Leap as well.

You do?? Somehow I completely forgot that.

Makes sense about the battery. But even within one play session, it could track completions. Once there are dozens of puzzles, I guess that would become less and less useful. It's all good.

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