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Nine pineapples!



Even though I haven't a level yet that does it, I made it so if I felt like it, I could put nine pineapples on the screen all at once. I tried to reduce compiling time, I got it down to two minutes, that's down from the 3-4 minutes I was putting up with unwillingly. I also made a Super Game Boy border for the game.


I moved a bunch of stuff around, I put the Super Game Boy border in bank 2. I put the main "engine" and most of the title screen stuff in bank 0. Puzzle data is now stored in bank 3. I made a select a pineapple sound. What I am going to do next now that I have everything squared away is design and add more levels. And I suppose I should test the game at some point.

I have all of bank 1 free so in case I fill up bank 3 with puzzle data, I could always put some more data in bank 1. There were some blank vertical lines at the beginning for a few frames, but I think I got rid of them. I got rid of the music so I could accomodate the pineapple selecting sound, which is using channel 1, which would ordinarily be used for music. I tried to make a select the pineapple sound with channels 3 and 4 but I couldn't make it sound "right," so I used channel 1.


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