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Exploring my game



While working on Golden Pineapples, I've discovered that the puzzles I make usually have more than one solution, especially since you don't need to clear a pineapple to jump. Well, I made that because I thought Lazlos' Leap is too hard. I spent at least half an hour trying to solve one of their puzzles.

So I go back and found a bug for some reason it showed an extra pineapple in puzzle #3 after completing level #4. I was working backwards through the puzzles. I think I fixed that problem, but if it pops up again, let me know.

During my exploration of my game, I somehow managed to solve level 3 in just 5 moves.


I felt so proud of myself. And I am the one that made the puzzle. Of course, the whole purpose of the game is to solve all the puzzles. Whether you choose to solve them using the fewest moves possible is up to you. And the same goes for Lazlos' Leap. I had to solve multiple puzzles going over their "par" because I'm stupid.

Another change I did is when you pressed select in the maze and held it, the level number flashed a lot. I got rid of that. And also, I made pressing the B button deselect a pineapple if it's selected. I tried to make the code in bank 0 shorter, but that introduced a bunch of bugs that made the game crash, so I can't do that. For some reason, once I made it longer, the game didn't crash. But I did manage to reduce the compilation time even more, so now it takes <2 minutes to compile.

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