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Cursor working



So I woke up at about 11 p.m. or so. I immediately went to work on this after getting up, eating breakfast and taking my pills. It took about two hours or so, but I finally got a grid and a cursor that moves around. The problems were related to how to convert the numbers of the cursor's x and y position so they could be used in the lookup table I made for the grid.


One difference between "Lazlo's Leap" and this game are seen even though it's very VERY early on (and may not get finished at all if I get stuck coding it) In my game, the pineapples will go in the squares. In the other game I'm basing it on, the things to jump over go in the corners of the grid, which I thought was dumb, so I changed it.


I had to look very carefully at the picture of the grid. I had extra squares at the edges. I noticed that just now and changed my code around a bit to accomodate it. Some problems I'm concerned with:

  • How many pineapples can I fit on the screen? This may result in easier puzzles.
  • Puzzle creation. "Lazlo's Leap" has 100 puzzles. Seems like overkill to me, but oh well.

I'm also taking out the "par" bit. Is there more than one solution to each puzzle? Probably not since to end a level, the last pineapple has to land in the center (I forgot about that). And if there's more than one solution, oh well.

Next up, placing the pineapples on the screen in my little test level. Then, once that's done, be able to move the pineapples. I'm thinking press A to highlight a pineapple, then move the cursor to where you want to jump to, and press A again.

Figuring out if there's a pineapple in the spot you want to press A on should be fairly easy, just compare the cursor's coordinates to each pineapple's coordinates. Each level will probably have to have a variable which would be how many pineapples are in it.

I was going to go with a new concept for the Game Boy, an AStar-like puzzler, but I couldn't figure it out. What's odd is this is apparently easier to code. Go figure.

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