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Levels 1 & 2.



I was able to put the pineapples in the game. I made a couple of levels. The game is different from Lazlo's Leap in that you can jump over nothing. I made it like that to make creating puzzles easier.


One thing you can't do is jump over a pineapple and land on another one. So that makes this puzzle harder. But it's still easy.


This morning I worked on making another level, this time with four pineapples. I also added the ability to reset the puzzle you're on by pressing the SELECT button.

I also made a little website where you can download the latest version and tell me what you think so far.
Stuff I plan to do:

  • add a menu and menu song.
  • add an in-game song.
  • make it so when you finish a puzzle, a little song plays and then it goes back to the menu.
  • add more puzzles (of course!)

So I started out not knowing whether I could actually do this or not, so I was a little hesitant. But as I worked, I had to work out some problems, especially with pressing Up. So if you download the game and try it out and something weird happens, let me know.


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