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A new Game Boy game.



I finished Frank the Fruit Fly some time ago. Now I need to work on something else. I played some Super Game Boy games a few hours ago, which led me to wanting to make another Game Boy game. So I made a nice little song and a nice little title screen for my new game.


I kind of wanted the pineapple to be bigger, but space was limited since I needed to also put in the font and a few punctuation marks. But I have a problem: I don't know what the game should be about. I'm leaning towards a continuation of the Game Boy game "Lazlo's Leap," where you need to jump over pieces to make them disappear; sort of like in checkers. But there seems to be a problem with the Game Boy library: No "Mario Bros."-type game.

So I could attempt to make the game like my Genesis game. I don't know, what should I do? I really like games where you get to reach a goal, an end. Which wouldn't be possible if I went with my Elephant Genesis game. And the con of attempting to make a Lazlo's leap-type game would be designing puzzles for it. I checked GameFAQs and there doesn't seem to be a walkthrough, so I guess I need to play the game to see what puzzles are in it. Fortunately, it's in my collection.

I think I'll go with the leap game. Unless I can't think of much, then I'd switch and do the Mario bros.-type game.


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