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Robot Ron in 2084



So someone made a controller "coupler" for the Odyssey 2. What this does is puts both controllers together with a piece of plastic. I guess so you can hold both of them like you would, say, an NES controller. So now a game like, say, Robotron 2084 would be a cinch for games that would benefit from such a thing. And that's what I'm doing. I'm making one of my "semi-ports".

This won't be like the original Robotron 2084 because my plan is needing to shoot a certain number of enemies that pop up from the sides to advance the wave number (and, of course, the score.)

I've made it so you can choose which controller controls the robot and which controls the shots. It's as easy as pressing Action on the title screen. The conroller that presses action is the one that controls the man. The other one would control the shot direction. So you can have the right one control the man and the left one control the shots, or have the left one control the man and the right one control the shots.

I've been working on this for a couple days and I have some stuff already in and some stuff still I'd like to work on. It's at "technically a game", meaning you can die and it's actually a game, but it'd not be a real interesting game as-is. So that's why I need to work on it some more, add in stuff. I have a score, an enemy, the shots, the movement of the robot, the Cedar Games intro, and a title screen.


The enemies need to be characters so it'd be easier for me to program. So this x is actually a twirling enemy. Sprite 0 is the robot and sprite 1 is the robot's shot (the yellow ball.) But as you can see, it's quite a bare-bones game at this point.

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