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New music



So I discovered that when the music loops when the volume is low, it clicks when it loops again. How to get around that? Careful start and stop routines between each song part will do it, along with keeping the music parts below 9 lines, and keeping the volume at 5C (as opposed to full blast, which is 7F.) I was able to get an IMO decent song with this in just four parts. It's on the title screen right now.

Since each part only has 8 notes, I had to get the tempo really low. It's at 25 BPM according to DefleMask, but it still sounds decent and upbeat. I tested it on my real Genesis and it is much better now that the sound's volume has been lowered AND with no clicks.

I will continue work tomorrow. I don't know whether to make the B button the stomping button or just have the elephant just jump on the grapefruit to stomp it.

And I won't forget the grapefruit monsters. Without them, there'd be no game. Most games have a way to die. If they don't, they have a timer. Or, you can have neither, like my Odyssey 2 version of Jack and the Beanstalk. In that game, the goal is simply to get to the end.


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