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Robot Ron in 2084: February 22, 2023 update



So the game is beginning to take a better shape.


I added a new type of enemy which goes really fast (pictured.) This enemy moves straight and when it reaches the other side, a new enemy comes. The enemy that chases you will not disappear until you shoot it. I changed Ron's missile to be more of a ring shape.

My plan:

  • four enemy types total.
  • each wave between waves 1-4 will be introducing the enemies (with the zoomer being in wave 4 because it's really hard to hit.)
  • one enemy on screen at all times. (I don't know if having more than one enemy on the screen at once would be too hard, probably, so I'm going to do this.)
  • separate wave intro and game over screens.

Of course, this could change due to me breaking the game or not having everything fit. I have about 700 bytes left in the in-game bank and more room in the other bank.


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