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Three little ghostsesses



...sitting on postesses. Well, not really. It was a song I was forced to sing in elementary school. I attempted to put in a third ghost in level 3. Turns out I did in fact have room for it...barely. I only have 8 bytes left in bank 0 (where floor 3 is stored.) What I need to do now is figure out the entrance and exit points of each room in the floor. I will do that tomorrow. It's good that I have 8 bytes left since I don't need to add anything else in the bank, just change around data.


So Illinois Smith (our intrepid explorer guy) is a character (character 0 to be exact), the ghosts are sprites 0-2 and the letter is sprite 3. I am going to use onyx o because I can't think of anything else either. Perhaps something will come to me eventually. I need 4 more and the golden Q will be in the last room (or not, depending on which room you decide to visit last in the fourth floor.) So the fourth floor will have yellow walls. The third floor will have red walls.

That airplane up there is the lives counter. It is an airplane because it's not set properly.

One of my concerns of this is I don't know if this will be a long enough game to play. I mean, will people think after the fourth floor that there is a fifth floor? There won't be, it will loop back to floor 1. And you play over and over until you lose all your lives. Or would that be too boring? I don't know.

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Thanks for the site. I have made enough letters. Three of which need to be used twice (i.e. s for silver and sapphire), but it should work out okay.

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