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It's almost 5 p.m. and still waiting for my stupid mail to come. So I drew this, colored this, and even added some text to it.


I don't expect it to be used for anything, it was just something to cure my boredom waiting for the stupid mail to come. I finished the second floor of the giant pyramid. I don't have enough room for three ghosts. Having just two is hard enough, so it's going to stay that way.


I made a program to help me figure out the exit and entrances of the rooms. I put the grid data in and a moveable dot. It shows the x and y variables at the top of the screen. So I need to now make floors 3 and 4 and figure out some new letter gems for Illinois to get. I have ruby r, silver s, jade j, emerald e, turquoise t and diamond d. Along with the golden Q, that leaves me with 5 more to think up of.

And I still want my mail.

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