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So I found some more bugs from the first floor of my game. The game not exiting room problem came back. I wonder what causes this. Anyway, I put two ghosts per room in the second floor. I also merged the game's banks hoping the bankswitching plan I had put into place would work. It did. So then I put in new rooms in the second floor. Next in my plan is to find out their x and y positions for entering and exiting them.


That giant plus sign is the cursor from a grid drawing program I found. I draw a grid, presss F4, type in "save grid grid.txt dbhex" and it makes a text file of the grid I made so I can easily insert the values of it into my program.

What I'm wondering is why my computer monitor, or rather Photoshop, decided to alter the shade of blue I had set my grids in. The grids appear bluer in the game. The second floor will have a turquoise t, an emerald e, and something else. Also, I thought of something I could do: Put more walls in the rooms. This should make it harder to avoid the ghosts. I put in a little more lines in rooms 2 and 3 of level 2.



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