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The Golden Q Quest (part 2)



I worked all day on this yesterday and I have it now: The first bank of "The Golden Q Quest" is (almost) finished. I had to make a few changes, like not use the standing man character when the guy stops. This was causing him to get forever stuck inside the pyramid walls.
Second, I added the inside of the other two rooms.

This is the room where the Ruby r is in. The third room contains a Silver s. Right now when you get all three treasures and exit the last room, it goes back to the beginning. But I plan to make it go to a new bank where three new rooms will be in. Three rooms per bank is the rule here, so the game will be 8k so 12 rooms. Since the letters are sprites, I can design them the way I want them to look. The way I want them to look I'm going for is a typewriter style font. Lowercase, of course. I also made it so when you get a treasure and exit the room, it becomes locked and you can't enter it again (like the Venture game. I don't know why you'd want to go back in though.)

I tested the bank on a real Odyssey 2 near completion and it works. I am happy now. I am especially happy about the way I was able to add a few more lines to my code to handle bankswitching routines and not have the whole thing break on me. So now I will take a short break since I am all worn out from yesterday's 10-hour-long coding session. I almost filled the whole starting bank. I only have about 80 bytes left. So if any bug arises, I hope to squish because I have room to.

One bug I had come on me was being unable to exit the Ruby r room. The guy just kept going down and down out of the room without exiting it. So I tried to fix it. It hadn't come up after my fix attempt, so I hope it won't come up again.

I can change the three letters in each bank (as well as their positions and colors) around easily. So in the next bank, there could be an emerald e, a turquoise t and something else. I also plan to change the room shapes, which can also be done easily. Apart from that, the only real work I'd need to do is copy the bank I have now into another one, and replace the title screen code with code to handle a second (and later, possibly third) ghost.

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This looks really good.  I saw your youtube vids on it and it seems like its coming along really well.  I'm wondering if you could implement a harder mode where you have multiple ghosts.  The two of them could take turns moving to make things more dynamic.  It might be too difficult to pull off so don't stress it.  Another thing you could do would be to have rooms with invisible walls like some of the levels in Pick Axe Pete.


I've been thinking a bit about Frank The Fruit Fly.  I like Frank, but I don't know how I would ever go about describing it to someone.  It still makes me think of a Wario Ware game, just not as fast paced.

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Yes, I am going to attempt to put in a second ghost in the later levels. If I have enough room left after that, I may attempt a third ghost. This second (and possible third) ghost will move around randomly around the screen.

I have been trying to think about how to describe Frank the Fruit Fly as well.

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