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The Golden Q Quest



This is that Venture clone for the Odyssey 2 I was talking about. I worked a lot on it these past few hours, and I have a couple of screenshots I want to show you.


This is the title screen. If you press Action on the left controller, you use it to control the guy. If you press Action on the right controller, you use that to control him.


This is the first level. Notice there's only three rooms. I want to have room for enemies in the game, so I only put three rooms in each level. Adding a fourth room would eat up more unneccessary code.


And this is the guy inside a room. I'm using the character as the guy. He is animated with a 2-frame animation.

Stuff I need to do/add:

  • I need to play Venture to get a sense of how the game works. Since this is the Odyssey 2 we're talking about, I'll be using the Atari 2600 version as a base.
  • Add the score in (first though, figure out how it works.)
  • Add some enemies. This is a toughie. I guess all the enemies will start out in the center and go after the guy, or what?
  • Does the guy have the capability to shoot/kill enemies? This will be something I will figure out once I play it.

I have a little under 700 bytes left for this bank. If I make this an 8k game, that means I'll have 12 rooms. Hopefully I'll have room for both monster and score. I'll have more room for the score if I keep it under 5 digits and not show a high score as well.

Also keep in mind that I may ragequit working on this game if need be.

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Nice.  It doesn't have to be a perfect clone.  So don't tie yourself to the original if you don't want to.  What they pulled off with the 2600 version was amazing.

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