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Q is for quit



I've decided to stop working on Q. It just doesn't seem to be a very interesting game. I tried to make a version of Venture for the Odyssey 2, but I deemed it impossible due to the entering and exiting points of each room and tracking them. I even got rid of one room and it still was too much. So I've decided to quit Odyssey 2 programming and return to my Game Boy games. Even though they will never get published. I don't know why. Was "Frank the Fruit Fly" crappy?

I returned to the Ugly Uppity Umpire game. I think I am succeeding with making a "Chip's Challenge"-esque game for the Game Boy. But it is tough work, pausing work every 4 levels to make a new song. I just finished level 12, so I need to do that. I'll probably get to it tomorrow. I've been working on it a lot yesterday and today.

So that's what I've been doing since Friday.


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Too bad about Venture.  I really like that game, but I know the odyssey was super limited like the 2600.  I don't know how Ed Averitt pulled off some of those games he did.

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