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Q version 21



Added a bunch of stuff to Q.

  • Title screen. It just says "Q" because that's the title of the game.
  • On the title screen, if you press "action" with the right controller, you'll control the q with the right controller. If you press "action" with the left controller, you'll control the q with the left controller.
  • Changed the q's interaction with bumping into a tree. If you use the joystick while the q touches the tree's trunk, it won't do anything except play a bump thud. When you release the joystick, it will then bump back and you'll lose a little health. I tried all day yesterday to put this in but I couldn't. I woke up at about 2 a.m. because my leg hurt (it hurts when I am in bed too long) and finally got that done.

I also made a few new screens. I have about 150 bytes left, so guess I'll keep adding stuff until I run out of room (or the game code breaks) and then put level 2 in in another bank. Before I start level 2, I'll test level 1 on a real console to make sure it works okay. The newest version is not on the website because my website provider is updating something and it's unavailable to update right now. I got an e-mail saying I needed to update my nameserver, but when I looked up my nameservers, it was the updated ones. So I don't know what's going on there. If my website goes down, I'll attempt to bring it back.

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