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The ending



So I finished the boss fight yesterday. I finished the game over screen this morning. Now all that needs to be done is work on the ending. In case you were wondering what the game over screen would look like in a game about a fruit fly, here it is.


At which point, you press Start to go back to the title screen.

I went here and was surprised to find 4 more replies about the lemon. I decided to keep the lemon like it was in the second reply because the Game Boy has four colors and if I make the dimples light (the white color), it kind of looks like they're holes and transparent. It looks like a Swiss cheese lemon.

The lemon (like all the other fruit in the game) is drawn with the background characters. If I made the fruit out of sprites, they'd be really tiny. I don't really want an 8x8 Frank eating a 16x16 lemon made out of four sprites. It would just look odd.

In case you're wondering about my stomach (why would you NOT?), it healed a bit and got to the point where I don't need to put vaseline on it any more.

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